Lethal Drugs in Ohio


Staff Writer


Ohio began their process of executing a child killer next month. Ohio has acquired hundreds of lethal injection drugs, and their supply will only continue to increase. The Associated Press got a hold of public records to emphasize that the amount of drugs tripled in Ohio during September and October. Midazolam, a sedative and lethal drug, has challenged and survived many lawsuits, as well as faced many court trials. Additionally, it won the Supreme Court over, as the usage of the drug for execution was considered acceptable through the eyes of the Supreme Judges.
Although Ohio’s process of execution through lethal drugs has passed lawsuits and court challenges, Ohio prison agencies refuse to spill any more words about the current situation. Attorneys for death row assumed that the drugs originated from compounding pharmacies and had not been examined by Food and Drug Administration. The source of the drugs was unable to be identified due to the protection by the Ohio Law which was passed in 2015. Many executions have been, and still are being carried out by the lethal drug.

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