Break-in at El Diamante High School


Staff Writer


At three in the morning on January 10, 2017, Mr. Lucas’ video classroom was broken into. The lock on the gate that connects to the nine-hundred building was broken, the back door to Mr Lucas room was open, and two computers were stolen from the class.


Mr. Leal, the 3D art teacher, noticed that the gate was open and Mr. Lucas’ back door to his room was open. He noticed this in the morning before second period began. Mr Lucas’ room has cameras and a motion sensor, so the camera picked up the crime as it happened.


One of the computers was stolen at 3:16 am. The camera footage shows the computer sliding off slowly to the back door. Then at 3:43 am the second computer is stolen. The robber only shows his hand unplugging cords. Then the robber again slowly moved the computer away.


Later on in the day during sixth period Mr. Lucas got a notification on his computer that someone tried logging into one of the stolen computers. They failed so many times it locked them out. That was at 12:42 pm.
Nothing else has happened since then, Mr. Lucas said once the computers connect to wifi, it will send a signal to him, so it is now a waiting game. The school is going to get the police involved.

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