Trump Quick to Replace Obamacare


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United States President-elect Donald Trump told New York Times he wanted a substitute for President Barack Obama’s 2010 healthcare law, known as Obamacare. Trump wants Congress to pass a replacement for the healthcare law at the same time, or soon after they remove the current law. If Congress fails to not put in a replacement, many Americans with Obamacare may be at risk to lose coverage.


Republicans have said it possibly could take up to two years to make a replacement. Trump stated that having a delay of that length was unacceptable, also that it will not be repealed and then two years later go in with another plan.


The Senate will vote later this week on a draft for the legislation which would repeal Obamacare,  later the house will vote; however, the repealment of the law will come later on.


Senate Democratic Leader, Chuck Schumer, called on Trump to publish his own Obamacare substitute. He also stated “If they are repealing, they have an obligation to show us a full replacement plan, not just a little piece of it, and once they show us that plan, we’ll give them our opinion of it.” Republican Senator Orrin Hatch stated Senate rules for the reconciliation process could possibly make it difficult to put replacement provisions in the repeal bill. Hatch also replied to one of the House Speaker’s saying, “If he can come up with something that would help push this forward, I’d be all for it.”

Russian Hacking: Was the Election Rigged?


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President Obama has searched high and, mostly, low, for the reasons that Hillary Clinton lost the election. He has blamed Fox News, for allegedly promoting “fake news” and now has been calling out Russian meddling for the loss of one hundred ninety-four of two hundred and seven counties that voted for him in either 2008 or 2012.


President Obama has suggested that Vladimir Putin wanted Trump to win; and that the liberal media have hinted that the president-elect, Donald Trump, and his campaign team have “ties” to the Russian president.


Most Americans review Trump’s defense and security picks, in agreement. While, the advisories will not go easy on anyone, including Russia, retired General James Mattis, who Trump has nominated as the head of defense, has described Russia’s annexation of Crimea as a “severe” threat, one that was underestimated by the Obama White House administration.


The media has ignored the reality that Moscow’s possible hacking of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and John Podesta’s emails were retaliation for Hillary Clinton’s accusations that Russian elections in 2011 were “rigged”, an accusation that highly infuriated Putin. When protests erupted in Russia over the election outcome, Putin blamed Clinton.  


“She said they were dishonest and unfair,” Putin had said. He continued to blame Clinton for giving “a signal” to demonstrators “with the support of the U.S. State Department; we need to safeguard ourselves from this interference in our internal affairs,” Putin said. Putin has made it clear that if we mess with his elections, he will mess with ours.


Obama knows this, yet continues to involve Russia in American Politics. As Putin sees Clinton as a forceful proponent of “regime change” policies that the Russian leader considers a grave threat to his own survival.” That is why the Russians might have tried to sabotage the Hillary Clinton campaign, not because they see Trump as an ally, but because they felt threatened knowing that there was a high possibility that Hillary Clinton could be in office.


Obama’s call for an investigation is mostly viewed as bogus. First of all, the CIA produces only the smallest circumstantial evidence, the evidence that even the New York Times admittedly reports “does not support firm any judgements” to make the charge that Russia really did work to favor Trump. In addition, The FBI is not even on board with the conclusion of hacking.


Obama is still getting over from having put himself on the line during the campaign, with all the comments made, and accusations made, telling the BCC, Black Congressional Congress, for instance, “I will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy, if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election.” Obama is now laying low and hoping that the Trump Administration will not undo his accomplishments.

Man Kidnapped, Tied, And Beaten For Hours


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During the middle of April, 2016, Facebook, a social media outlet, created a new feature called ‘Facebook Live”. Since it’s creation, it has been used for a number of things.


On New Year’s Eve, an eighteen year old man from a Chicago suburb, who suffers from schizophrenia and attention-deficit disorder, was kidnapped, beaten and tortured for more than twenty-four hours.


The incident began when the victim, whose name has not been released, met with an alleged friend at a suburban McDonald’s to begin what both the victim and his parents believed was a sleepover. Instead Jordan Hill, one of the alleged assailants, drove the victim around in a stolen van for a couple of days. They later ended up in a home in Chicago where two of the other suspects lived.


This is when a Facebook live video was started and the victim is seen with his mouth taped shut and was slumped into a corner of a room. Two assailants are seen cutting off his sweater while the others taunt him off camera. A visible wound can be seen on the man’s head as well as a red band that appears to be around the victim’s hands. His hands were tied up for four to five hours.


There was a total of four suspects who were identified: Brittany Covington and Tesfaye Cooper, both of Chicago, Jordan Hill, of suburban Carpentersville, all of whom were eighteen. The fourth suspect was identified as Covington’s sister twenty-four year old Tanisha Covington, also of Chicago.


The suspects are being charged with two hate crimes – one because the kid was disabled and another because of all the racial slurs they made him say and what they said to him. The victim only escaped when two of the suspects left and kicked down a neighbor’s door. A police officer later saw the man wandering down the street, bloodied and obviously disoriented.

Oakhurst Car Crash


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Around eleven p.m. on Saturday, January 7, 2017, two sisters, Shania Costella and Savannah Costella crashed west of Road 425 in Oakhurst, California.


The Fresno Police Department said that Shania Costella was driving too fast for the conditions and lost control at China Creek road. The car rolled over and her sister Savannah was able to escape the car; however, Shania Costella was trapped in the car.


First responders were able to get to Shania and drive her to Valley Children’s Hospital where she later passed away. The doctors went through a routine check-up on Savannah, who received minor injuries. KFSN news commented, “The weather is partly to blame for the crash that killed the teenager in Oakhurst”.


The Fresno Police Department is still investigating the cause of the accident. Shania Costella’s death was tragic and unexpected to the teen’s friends and family. Shania Faith Costella was a 16 year old girl who enjoyed her life while she could and always said, “Never take life for granted”. Ultimately Shania enjoyed her life until her passing and she will be deeply missed, not only by her friends and family, but also by her basketball teammates.

Lethal Drugs in Ohio


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Ohio began their process of executing a child killer next month. Ohio has acquired hundreds of lethal injection drugs, and their supply will only continue to increase. The Associated Press got a hold of public records to emphasize that the amount of drugs tripled in Ohio during September and October. Midazolam, a sedative and lethal drug, has challenged and survived many lawsuits, as well as faced many court trials. Additionally, it won the Supreme Court over, as the usage of the drug for execution was considered acceptable through the eyes of the Supreme Judges.
Although Ohio’s process of execution through lethal drugs has passed lawsuits and court challenges, Ohio prison agencies refuse to spill any more words about the current situation. Attorneys for death row assumed that the drugs originated from compounding pharmacies and had not been examined by Food and Drug Administration. The source of the drugs was unable to be identified due to the protection by the Ohio Law which was passed in 2015. Many executions have been, and still are being carried out by the lethal drug.

Break-in at El Diamante High School


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At three in the morning on January 10, 2017, Mr. Lucas’ video classroom was broken into. The lock on the gate that connects to the nine-hundred building was broken, the back door to Mr Lucas room was open, and two computers were stolen from the class.


Mr. Leal, the 3D art teacher, noticed that the gate was open and Mr. Lucas’ back door to his room was open. He noticed this in the morning before second period began. Mr Lucas’ room has cameras and a motion sensor, so the camera picked up the crime as it happened.


One of the computers was stolen at 3:16 am. The camera footage shows the computer sliding off slowly to the back door. Then at 3:43 am the second computer is stolen. The robber only shows his hand unplugging cords. Then the robber again slowly moved the computer away.


Later on in the day during sixth period Mr. Lucas got a notification on his computer that someone tried logging into one of the stolen computers. They failed so many times it locked them out. That was at 12:42 pm.
Nothing else has happened since then, Mr. Lucas said once the computers connect to wifi, it will send a signal to him, so it is now a waiting game. The school is going to get the police involved.

Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting


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On Friday, January 6, 2017, 26-year-old Army veteran, Esteban Santiago, opened fire at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Broward County, Florida. Santiago is currently being held in custody in Florida and has confessed to planning the assault that killed five and wounded eight. He made his first federal court appearance on Monday where he was charged with counts of causing serious bodily injury to someone at an international airport, using a firearm during and in relation to a violent crime, and causing the death of a person through the use of a firearm. All three of these charges carry the possibility of the death penalty.


Santiago told investigators that he loaded the gun in a bathroom stall at the airport and shot the first five people he saw while walking through the baggage claim area. Just weeks before, Santiago had visited an Alaska FBI office for a walk-in interview. He claimed that his mind was being controlled by US intelligence. Authorities took his gun away and ordered a mental health evaluation, but Santiago’s confession was not enough to prohibit him from owning a firearm. The gun he used in the attack was the same gun he retrieved from police headquarters a month after his interview.
Santiago was arrested and charged with assault and criminal mischief in January 2016 after getting into an argument with his girlfriend, who told investigators that he tried to strangle her and struck her in the side of the head. His brother, Bryan Santiago, said he believes that his actions were driven by mental issues that surfaced after a ten-month tour in Iraq during his service in the National Guard. His aunt, Maria Ruiz Rivera, claimed that “He seemed normal at times, but other times he seemed lost. He changed.”

La La Land Wins Big at the 74th Annual Golden Globes


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The 74th Annual Golden Globe awards took place last Sunday night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. The red carpet was filled with impeccably dressed stars like Denzel Washington, Emma Stone, Meryl Streep, and Matt Damon. The night was hosted by the late night star, Jimmy Fallon, who started off the show with a cameo production of La La Land’s “Another Day in the Sun”.


Among the big winners, the movie La La Land took home the most awards with a grand total of seven. The awards were for directing, screenplay, original score, original song, best actor and actress in a comedy or musical, and best movie that was a musical or comedy. This movie broke the Golden Globe record for most awards won by one movie. Moonlight took home the award for best dramatic movie. The british series The Crown also won the honors of best actress in a television series and best television series.


Meryl Streep received the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award for her amazing work in the movie industry. In her lifetime, she has received a total of three Academy Awards and eight Golden Globes. Her thought provoking speech touched on the importance of the arts and free press. She even quoted her late friend Carrie Fisher and advised to ”Take your broken heart, make it into art”.