The Chiefs Took Down the Big Bad Raiders


Staff Writers


On this week’s Thursday Night Football contest, the Oakland Raiders took on the hot Kansas City Chiefs. The final score ended up being 21-13, with the Chiefs taking the victory. The MVP candidate, Derek Carr, was not playing one of his better games. He recently injured his pinky and the injury seemed to plague him in this game. Another big factor was Kansas City was just playing incredible defense, as their defensive backs are some of the deadliest in the game.


Kansas City played an incredible game, with Tyreek Hill taking a punt in for a touchdown. Kansas City’s young guys have really stepped up this season and they have found a lot of young talent. The Raiders could not get it going, their defense did all they could, while their offense just never got into a rhythm. While some are looking at this as the fall of the Raiders, this is more of a stand from the Chiefs and both teams still have a great chance to make a big playoff run.
Once Carr recovers from this injury, the offense is going to get back to their old self. It is going to be exciting to see what both teams are going to accomplish.

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