Jeff Franklin Purchases Tanner’s Real Life House


Staff Writer


The famous home in San Francisco from the 80’s sitcom Full House  has been purchased by the shows producer and creator, Jeff Franklin. The house is located in the lower Pacific Heights, at 1709 Broderick street. It was built in 1883, and the house itself includes a master suite, three bedrooms, and three and-a-half baths. Franklin had purchased the house back in August of 2015 for $4 million and decided that he should revive the home’s former appearance that many of the fans know as it was shown in the 1980’s opening credits for the show.  


Many of the shows fans were shocked to see that the iconic home hit the market in May of 2015, and that it had a completely different look. Franklin says, that more than 200 fans of the show take pictures in front of the house every day. There had also been a party, hosted by Jeff  Franklin himself, for the cast in celebration of the shows spinoff on Netflix, Fuller House.  The second season is to debut on December 9.
Jeff had mentioned that he has future plans to reconstruct the entire house so that it is up to date. He also has intentions of using the house for filming and will release it to the public some day. He is looking forward to making the house apart of  Fuller House  and  is glad to be able to preserve it for the fans. There will be at least six months of construction work  to get it “up to code”,  and Jeff is also pleased to inform that the door of the house, which was painted green by the previous owners, is now back to the color red from the opening credits for Full House.

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