Aroldis Chapman Returns


Staff Writer


The New York Yankees are happy to reunite with the left handed closer, Aroldis Chapman. The Yankees spent $86 million for a 5 year contract with Chapman. Chapman had the opportunity to stay close to home in Miami with the Mariners or even the Los Angeles Dodgers, but he chose the Yankees.


28 year-old Chapman will work behind Dellin Betances to close the ninth inning. The Yankees want to shorten games so they can hold a lead and try to advance in the play-offs. Now that Chapman is a part of their organization they have a chance to make it past the first round.


Chapman increased his value in this year’s World Series, proving that he can be relied on for multiple innings. Even though he had to come in hard in games 5, 6, and 7; he showed his ability to come in before the ninth inning and proved his capability.


Aroldis Chapman is going to be an excellent asset to the Yankee’s bullpen. They are going to need him a lot during post season and the play-offs.

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