Teacher Breaks the Jaw of a 7-Year-old


Staff Writer


Travon Grayson, a 7-year-old elementary school student, has been hospitalized after a school tutor allegedly pushed the boy into a wall for misbehaving. Timothy Randell Korr has been charged with first-degree felony and misdemeanor, second-degree assault and child abuse, reckless endangerment, as well as misdemeanor neglect of a minor.


Grayson’s mother spoke about the incident; she told the media, “My son told me that (Korr) threw my son against the wall. My son had dreams about it last night. He’s still shaking in his sleep, saying that he keeps having visions of (Korr) throwing him into the wall.” Jackson also says that the tutor was escorting Travon to the main office for disciplinary issues toward the end of the school day but they never made it to the office. When Jackson got to the school her son was in an ambulance crying.


Travon suffered from a broken jaw, cuts, bruises, and had two teeth knocked out while one was pushed into his gums. Korr’s lawyer, Kurt Nachtman, claims that Korr found Grayson rolling around on the ground so Korr did a pat down. Korr felt an object in the boy’s pocket and asked him to remove it. When Grayson refused, Korr picked up the little boy to take him to the principal’s office. Korr also claims that Grayson had been clawing at him when he lost his footing on some stairs when the boy went flying into the wall.

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