Tattoo for Confidence


Staff Writer


A young boy, Gabe, who suffers from brain cancer had surgery to remove the cancer, but he feels insecure about the scar that the battle has left him. With the cancer gone from his brain, his father decides to get a tattoo of the horseshoe shaped scar on his own head matching the scar his son has on the side of his head.


As his dad now has the same mark on his own head too, his son feels more confident. But, six months later, the brain cancer is back. This only means he will have to have another surgery.


Gabe knows that he will have to have to have another surgery to remove the active cancerous mass from his brain. He will do what he has to do to fight through. He even says, “”Keep up the prayers, and I’ll get through it.”


He shows a lot of confidence, even more than his dad. The father says about his son, “he is my superhero… He has shown me what life really is about and how to cherish the most out of everything.” Through their toughest fight yet, Gabe, the son, is the one keeping his father together.

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