PewDiePie Has Had Enough


Staff Writer


From the beginning of PewDiePie’s channel to his latest video, his viewers can tell that he’s changed a lot. He doesn’t play video games on his channel much anymore and does really random videos. Of course, his channel has grown, but he has slowly been switching to quantity over quality as time goes by. PewDiePie has made a lot of jokes in the past about how his channel was dying out, but no one really took him seriously, at least until now.


Two weeks ago, PewDiePie uploaded a video titled “well…” He mainly talked about how he was done uploading daily vlogs, because they were really stressing him and his friends out. He also mentioned how much effort he puts into the vlogs and how disappointing it is when they hardly get any views. In the video, people can tell how tired and frustrated he is, but viewers only thought that it was just because of the vlogs. After his last video however they can see that is not the case.


Over a week later, he uploaded a video titled “DELETING MY CHANNEL AT 50 MILLION” because Felix jokes about this quite often, everyone thought it was a joke or that the title was just clickbait. Upon watching the full video, it is obvious that he was completely serious.


The first thing that crossed his viewers’ minds is that he was quitting YouTube for good. This would be tough to swallow for many people, considering he is the most subscribed person on YouTube and he is looked up to for that reason. He has also been there since 2010 and has over 49 million subscribers.


In actuality, he is just deleting his channel so he can restart it and do the things he wants to. He wants to improve his channel, because the quality has been depleting. He is also extremely frustrated with the new YouTube changes that only affect YouTubers themselves.


In the end, he admitted that he just wants to start fresh and he thinks it will be a great experience. He confirmed that he will not quit YouTube and that he is just restarting it. He is discussing things with YouTube and once he restarts his channel, everything should go back to normal with the PewDiePie community.

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