Paris Rodent Infestation


Staff Writer


The most widely known city in France, Paris the city of love, has recently had a new species move in and is on it’s way to taking over. Rats are crawling everywhere throughout the city, more than many people have seen in years.


Usually rats do not come out during the day, but these creatures are out at all times. Parks are closing, rats are running through people’s feet trying to avoid being stepped on. Paris exterminators do not know what to do. They run around children’s playgrounds and they’re hiding in bushes.


The European Union regulations have complicated the exterminator’s job. The black plastic boxes of poison left out are untouched. The rat’s prefer foresting for food among the bushes and parks. Nobody is sure how many rats now reside in Paris, but the estimates come no less than a million. The war has been declared by the exterminators to put the number of rodents back in control.

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