Life In Prison


Staff writer

“Wished you would be an advocate so that people will never do this to their children…and I would say, perhaps not in the way that you intended, that you accomplished that goal”, the juror said as the Georgia father who had just been sentenced to life in prison sits mournful and shocked.


The Georgia father believed it was any other day, a normal day of dropping off his almost two year old son at daycare, going to work, and running errands. He had forgotten a step though.


He forgot to drop his son at the daycare. His son was left in the SUV for a long period of time and ended up dying from hypothermia. An attorney argued “Children’s body temperatures change much faster than adults…”. In the end the juror approved what the attorney had said, and believed as well the Georgia father was guilty. The father will pay for his actions and be an example that children should not be left in the car alone and forgotten.

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