How Important Was the Election Recount?


Staff Writer


Statewide recounts in key 2016 political battlegrounds are starting fast, but doing little to nothing to change the math behind Donald Trump’s win. During the recent recount, it shows that the United States president-elect had a large gain on Hillary Clinton. However, while Trump barely defeated Clinton in Wisconsin, the numbers slowly going are unlikely to call into question the November eighth results.


“In any election, the actual change in the margin of votes is very, very low,” Drew Penrose, the legal director at FairVote, told Fox News. “For people hoping for a change in results, I wouldn’t hold my breath.” There has been outrage in the counties that believe there is still foul play going on. Voting officials are still trying to contain the sceptics.  


The Wisconsin Election Commission has been working since last Thursday, when Jill Stein paid 3.5 million dollars for the recount after the on going alleged reports of fraud, there has been very little change so far to the results which were reported on Election Day. Trump won Wisconsin by 22,000 votes over Clinton. In a twist, Trump is gaining. By Wednesday morning, Trump had opened his victory well over Clinton. Trump gained one hundred and five votes and Clinton dropped forty-five votes. Stein, only received one percent of the vote in the state under question. After realizing that the money she spent on the recount proved to not help her, but Donald Trump, Stein said her intent was not to help Clinton, or Trump, but to verify the accuracy of the count. She reportedly said she believed that the votes were controlled by computer hacking.


“We’re not finding any problems with the machines,” Reid Magney, a spokesperson for the Wisconsin election, stated, “The Stein campaign wanted a recount because they thought there was some problems with our machines and that was not the case.” Whatever Stein’s reasons, it is obvious that the recount has been more of a help than a repress to Trump, who saw the number of votes for him go up in more that twelve counties.

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