Ho Ho Ho… Who’s Coming Down your Chimney?


Staff Writer


Once every year a well-known man in a red suit comes around spreading joy and Christmas cheer. But did you know in order to be who he is, he needs help? So every year Santa must find prodigies and the only way to train them is in school.


Each aspiring Santa must attend Santa school in order to spread the tidings of the season. There are training programs and actual universities that help potential Santas earn their degree in spreading joy. Potential Santas aspire to be admitted to Charles W. Howard School of Santas. This school is considered the Harvard of Santa Universities.


Charles Howard was known for his amazing acting and lifelong Santa skills. Howard started his school in 1937, in New York. He died in 1966, but two of his pupils took over his school and moved it to Michigan,  where they implemented what he taught them.


In these classes, they are taught sign language (so they can ensure every child is considered), how to apply cosmetics, give proper ho ho hos, dance like elfs, handle reindeer, and television interviews.


Santas from all over United States meet up every year at this school to reunite with other people who share their passion in spreading Christmas spirit.

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