Dancer Collapses on Stage, Audience Thinks it’s Part of the Play


Staff Writer

A Russian dancer, 48 year old man named R. Khusainov, collapses on stage and dies. The audience thinks it is part of the show, so they laugh and clap about it.


Khusainov was performing for a Mother’s Day concert in Urus-Martan. Urus-Martan is located in southwest Russia’s Chechen Republic. Khusainov was doing Lezginka dance. The Lezginka is a traditional dance of the Lezgins in the Caucasus region. He was accompanied by singer Liza Akhmatova. There was a video from one of the audience members.


Khusainov seemed to lose his footing and fall to the ground. Akhmatova keeps singing and dances around him. The audience can be heard laughing and whooping. Akhmatova said “Hey, he stopped it.” She urges the audience to give Khusainov a round of applause.


Soon people start to realize something was wrong. Cast members run to Khusainov. Paramedics were called and arrive quickly. Khusainov had heart disease before and doctors say he had a sudden heart attack.

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