Fake News Sweeps the Nation


Staff Writer


Fake news has been popping up a lot recently. From Facebook wanting to tell users when articles or stories are fake, to people taking fake news the wrong way and doing horrible things because of it. Facebook wants to find a way to debunk fake news and comments on their site  for the benefit of their users. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s Chief Executive Officer, is under pressure trying to leave the site as honest as possible. Zuckerberg plans to accomplish this by adding a way to have users tell the company about if they believe that a certain story is true or not. Facebook is taking a whole new step towards exposing fake news. Eventually, Facebook wants fake news classified as fake before even popping up onto someone’s timeline. Will Facebook succeed in this? And who decides if the news is fake or not?


With fake articles and stories, people will either believe it or not. Some examples include: A fake article about Hillary Clinton and a restaurant named, Comet Ping Pong, running a child sex operation out of the restaurant. A man recently went into the restaurant with an assault rifle and pointed it at an employee, threatening the restaurant. Police say there were two other firearms in the restaurant and an additional weapon in the man’s car. The owner of the restaurant reports that last month he had threats about the same report. Fake news has been popular recently, with most starting with the election and its candidates. No one knows if the fake news craze will slow down or only go up from here, but it has been taking the nation by storm.

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