Consequences of Cyberbullying


Staff Writer


Cyberbullying, or bullying in general is not acceptable to do to any human. Bullying is a serious topic, it hurts and scars people down to their core , and some of the victims may never be released of their pain. People do not have the right to start rumors, gossip, or pick on people just because it might make themselves feel better.


Cyberbullying is very similar to bullying, the difference is that it is done through the internet and social media. The results of both cyberbullying and bullying are almost the exact same, they both leave scars, but in different ways. On December 1, 2016, Brandy Vela, an eighteen year old girl, committed suicide in her home in Texas just as her family walked into her room. Brandy’s sister, Jackie Vela, commented that Brandy was bullied since April, mainly for her weight. She also said that people made fake Facebook accounts and would message her and kept coming after her even after her lack of responses. Jackie also noted that they would call Brandy fat and ugly, they would say phrases such as,’’Why are you still here?’’ Jackie keeps telling the media that she was beautiful and the only thing people could pick on was her weight.


Brandy went to the police; however, because there was no proof to back her story there was nothing the police could do without getting sued. When Brandy was told this by officers from the local department in Texas City, Texas, she felt there was no way out. No way that she could be helped. On Tuesday Jackie Vela received a text message from Brandy saying,’’I love you so much, please remember that, and I’m sorry for everything.’’ Immediately Jackie knew something was wrong so she contacted her family who in turn raced back to the house. When they all arrived they went up to Brandy’s room only to see her holding a gun. Even though her family tried to persuade her she still took her life in front of her family.


After her death, her family told the authorities when the bullying started and when the cyberbullying began. The family was absolutely heartbroken and devastated that they lost their angel that night. In memory of Brandy her friends have been going into her room to leave messages on sticky notes, and they are now strewn all over her walls.


Brandy’s death has not only affected her family, friends, and classmates, but also her hometown and the authorities. In the end the family decided to donate Brandy’s organs, they hope to meet the person who gets her beautiful eyes.  All-in-all, cyberbullying is not acceptable, and should not be accepted in society. If anyone is getting bullied or considering suicide, help them out. They may be just like Brandy and believe that it is the only way out.

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