Suspect Serves as his Own Attorney


Staff Writer


Dylan Roof, a twenty-two year old man, decided to defend himself in court while acting as his own attorney. He not only was charged with hate crimes and violation of religion, but first degree murder for shooting nine parishioners at a Charleston church last year. Although Roof’s lawyers are considering Roof’s decision as reckless, they managed to allow his attempt to act as his own attorney. David  Bruck, a death penalty attorney, let Roof abide by his own decision.


On November 7, 2016, the case was brought into a sudden standstill along with the judge postponing the process of narrowing  the jury pool because of Roof’s inability to understand the case and his situation. His lawyers grew doubtful of his ability to be able to defend himself. If Roof is convicted he will face a possible death sentence. The lawyers question Roof’s comprehension of the charges against him as well as the fact that he is unable to fully defend himself.


Unfortunately, the statement that Roof made to the psychologist had ceased all public, as well as media hearing, because it may not favor him to the jurors. The Judge’s unexpected closure of the release of a transcript of the hearing had created a chaos among the victims because of its secrecy. In the end Roof’s case has received a fair trial because the pre-trial had no basis for the appeal.

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