Introducing the El Diamante Boys Basketball Team


Staff Writers



Jayvon Hightower and Rajan Batth are the second and third freshmen to be pulled up to the varsity level. Both hope to gather some quick minutes of playing time each game.



Lorenzo Quintana, Zach Zuniga, and Kaleb Daglesh played with each other freshman year on the freshman team here at El D. They skipped JV and quickly got moved up to varsity. Lorenzo was unfortunately sick for the first game of the season so he has yet to see the court this season, but was the MVP last year for his freshman team. Zach had limited minutes during his first ever varsity game. Kaleb Daglesh was placed in the starting line up seeing plenty of playing time for his first ever game.



Jake Gonzalez-his first year in highschool he was the first freshmen to be pulled up to varsity since Coach Moore has been coach at El D. It’s his third year now and he’s the starting point guard as a junior.

Seth Hall– played on jv his freshman year .Was pulled up on varsity as a sophomore the next year and was shooter of the year too. He’s a junior now and this will be his second year on varsity

Daniel Gallardo- was a starter as a freshman on the jv and pulled up on varsity his sophomore year. Now he’s a starts on varsity as a junior



Diego Lacey– has been at this school for 4 years but this his second year and one of their best defense of players

Trenton Mitchell- this is his third year at El D and transferred from San Diego his sophomore year. Never played basketball before and was a 6’6 player on the freshman team. He’s been working hard and is one of the best players on the team

Tyler Boss- first year at El D and is a senior who transfer from Mount Whitney. Was one of the best players at Whitney and is one here too  

Tyler Schoonover- is a senior who transferred here his sophomore year but played on the jv his junior year and now is one of El D’s big guys on the team

Ethan Myers– Ethan has been playing for the Miners since his freshman year where he played on the JV team. It will be this sharpshooters third year playing at the varsity level. He had been named one of the captains on the team.

Bobby Chavez- has been playing since freshman year and is a senior. One of the guy guys

Joe Ortez- played since freshman year and was pulled up his sophomore year. It’s his senoir but won’t be playing because of an injury

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