Holiday Hole


Staff writer


On November 25, 2016, Cards Against Humanity dug a hole in celebration of Black Friday. The company called it the Holiday Hole. As long as people pay them money, they will keep digging a hole. The digging lasted until Sunday and the total amount of money the company received  was $100,573,00.


How it works is people pay for time; it started off at one dollar for 5.5 seconds, then on Sunday morning the time went down to 0.4 seconds and ended at 0.3 seconds on Sunday afternoon.


Claire Friedman, a Cards Against Humanity employee and self-described “hole mom,” told NPR on Sunday, “It’s set so time gets more expensive the longer we dig. The first dollar paid for 5.5 seconds, now it’ll only get .3. Basically just reflecting the longer we need to hold crew and equipment here, the more expensive it gets.”


The money was coming in fast for the first day. Then as time passed, the money slowly declined. The location of the hole has not been released by the company. This is not a first for the company to do something like this Last year the company asked if people would donate $5 each for absolutely nothing. They made $17,145. Two years ago they sold bull feces to 30,000 people and they brought in $18,000. You never know what people will spend their money on.

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