Dodgers must choose between Justin Turner and Kenley Jansen


Staff Writer

Like last year, the Dodgers must choose between an everyday player and a closing pitcher. Justin Turner has done so much for the Dodgers over the past few years, yet they need a closing pitcher. They plan to get back Kenley Jansen, but the Dodgers are in so much debt that they are most likely having to choose one or the other. It should be a no brainer that the Dodgers keep Justin Turner, he’s a big part of the line up and the 3rd basemen, but they need their closing pitcher. Kenley Jansen is one the most consistent closers the Dodgers have. With 189 saves, posted a 2.20 ERA, and possesses one of the best cutters; why wouldn’t the Dodgers keep him. Both former Dodger players are assets to the team, but they must choose their #1 priority.


Reasons to keep Justin Turner:


Justin Turner is a major icon on the Dodgers and other teams would love to offer him a deal to play for them. The Dodgers can’t risk losing one of the biggest assets on the team; he is the 3rd batter in the lineup and the 3rd basemen. He’s the best 3rd basemen in the league right now and he’s the most dependable hitter with averages of .294/.364/.492 and 27 home runs. The Dodger lineup can’t afford to lose Turner because they have a heavy lefty lineup, without him they’ll have to find a way to replace 27 home runs. There’s no other 3rd basemen out there for the Dodgers to come up on and there’s other relief pitchers. Although the Dodgers want to keep Jansen they need Turner more.


Reason to keep Kenley Jansen:


The Dodgers should keep Kenley Jansen because he’s a valuable player in the playoffs. He was brought in for more than one inning on multiple occasions, including his most amazing performance in game 5 against the Nationals. Jansen is one of the most dominant relief pitchers there is next to Chapman and Melancon of course. A superior bullpen is certainly an asset that every team wishes they had. Jansen was a big chunk of the Dodgers bullpen and losing him there would be a big void to fill. The Dodgers have to consider who will perform better in the long run, Jansen is 29 years old three years younger than Turner. Three years can make a big difference when it comes to injuries; the older you get the longer it takes to heal properly. Trusting Jansen to stay healthy for the next 5 years is easier than trusting Turner for the next 3-4 years especially since he has a history of knee injuries.


Hopefully the Dodgers will find a way to bring back both Turner and Jansen. Each player is an important asset to the team and they would be surely missed if they were to leave. Choosing between them will not be an easy decision, especially for the Dodger fans, so hopefully they won’t have to choose.

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