Delta Airlines Bans Disruptive Passenger For Life


Staff Writer


Delta Airlines has reportedly banned a disruptive passenger who shouted pro-Trump and anti-Clinton remarks at fellow passengers on a flight to Allentown, Pennsylvania from Atlanta, Georgia on November 22, 2016. After the display, a video taped by Emma Baum, a 21-year old woman, was posted and sent to news organizations across America. In the video the man is seen clapping his hands and yelling at other passengers. Although the decision to ban the disruptive man was only considered and finalized after the airline received criticism on social media for its first response to the episode. The chief executive, Edward H. Bastian, stated the fellow passengers on the flight would receive a refund for their tickets.


New York Times news reporter, Christine Hauser, interviewed Emma Baum on the disruptive man and her video. Baum claimed the disruptive passenger was briefly removed then allowed back on before the plane took off. She also stated to have reported him to the authorities once they landed. However, it was not clear that any report was taken into consideration or filed until after the video was posted.


Once this incident was exploited, Delta Airlines took it upon themselves to issue a statement apologizing to customers for the disruption. They stated, “We have followed up with the teams involved and all agree that this customer should not have been allowed to continue on the flight.” As a result a file was admitted and finalized by the airline to ban the disruptive passenger for life on November 28, 2016.

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