Changing Winter Formal


Staff Writer


Winter formal has many changes this year.


In previous years, Formal has been in January. However, this year, the date has moved up significantly to December 3rd. Because the dance is so close to the beginning of the holiday season, this change could be challenging for some families of kids who want to go to the dance. This puts an extra expense on families around the holidays.


Also, new to Formal, is the location. It will be held at Mount Whitney’s gym instead of the Convention Center, but the ticket prices have relatively stayed the same. Being in a gym poses the threat of a fire hazard because there are so many kids in one place. Sure, schools could sell less tickets, but Winter Formal has a bigger turnout than Harvest or Sadies, both of which are also in school gyms. This makes the dance more crowded than usual, and one step closer to a fire hazard.


These changes bring up problems for students and their families. Students can become stressed because they have to find a tuxedo or dress while worrying about the proximity of finals. In addition, some families may not be able to afford the cost with the date change, unlike when the dance was held in January. Because it is in December, this leaves a short month between Harvest and Formal, and a three month gap in between Formal and Sadies. Overall, Winter Formal should be moved back to January and the Convention Center.

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