Bee and Puppycat: New Episodes


Staff Writer


After releasing only four short episodes about two years ago, Bee and Puppycat are finally coming out with new episodes. Before, they had only been uploading one or two episodes a year, but they will now be putting up new episodes consistently. All of the characters viewers have come to know and love will be included in upcoming seasons.


Along with Bee and Puppycat, there will be other series that are made by the same creators, such as Bravest Warriors. These series have been uploaded on CartoonHangover’s channel on YouTube and will now only be featured on a new, free app – VRV.


This app was created by the same people who created Crunchyroll. The only downside is if you want ad-free episodes, you will have to pay a monthly fee. The price is set to be announced in the future, so for now, you will have to watch short ads. It will be worth the price, considering there will be plenty of animated shows to watch on VRV.


I recommend Bee and Puppycat to anybody who loves cartoons. This show is extremely entertaining and is guaranteed to make viewers laugh a few times. You can check out CartoonHangover’s YouTube channel to check out the older episodes before committing to VRV.

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