Aaron Rodgers Is Still Rodgers


Staff Writers


There have been concerns and worries about whether Aaron Rodgers was on the down spiral of his career. He started off the season to a very slow start, the first six weeks, he had 10 touchdowns, 4 interceptions, and only about twelve-hundred thousand yards. Those normals were surprisingly bad to the season he had last year, when he finished with eight interceptions on the season. These numbers started scaring fans, fearing the future Hall of Famer’s era was over.


Yet, since week 6, Rodgers has proved to fans he’s still in his MVP state and is not going anywhere. He has put up 17 more touchdowns, putting him to 27 on the season and only one other interception, making it 7 on the season. He broke three-thousand yards in his last game and is proving critics wrong. Last year, Rodgers finished with 31 touchdowns on the season, and with five more games on the season, he looks to surpass last year. He also only finished with thirty-eight hundred yards on the season, and will be looking to break that too.


The Green Bay Packers have had injury struggles all season, with most of their defense down to the second and third stringers, every NFL team is looking forward to take advantage of them. They have also had a numerous amount of injuries at the running back position, which has forced the head coach, Mike McCarthy, to go even more pass heavy than usual. Putting the spotlight on the Rodgers to throw the ball a lot more than last season.


Through all the injuries and pressure, Rodgers has shown he is still in MVP form and showing everyone he’s perfectly fine. Looking to finish the season strong and lead the Packers out of their slump and into the playoffs, Rodgers is just fine.

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