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Candace Parker: underestimated and looked down upon, but when the time comes, she shows you what she  is truly about. She and her team, the Los Angeles Sparks, won their first WNBA title in many years. Many people, for many years, claimed she was not good enough and would not make the USA national team. Although she did not make the US team national team, Parker proved wrong those who doubted her wrong. Parker won both of the titles – Rookie of the year and Most Valuable player – all in one season. She was also selected to be on six All-WNBA teams and three All-Star teams. These are the biggest leagues in the country for women to be on. She is definitely one of the top players in WNBA history.


On a daily basis, Parker practices and pushes herself to prove people wrong and prove she is good enough.When the WNBA finals were around the corner , she practiced harder than she could ever imagine. Parker posted YouTube videos of her workouts to show people what she did and why she did it. In one of her videos, she mentioned that this was the year that the Sparks would win the title. When they won the WNBA finals, Parker put out a video dedicating her titles and the championship to her college coach. Despite all the efforts of her critics to underestimate her, Parker was able to clench two amazing titles and win the WNBA finals. Such accomplishments are highly esteemed, thus establishing her place as an outstanding player.

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