YEEZY 2020?


Staff Writer


With our country in the hands of someone like Donald Trump, who has very little political experience, what’s stopping someone like Kanye West from becoming president in 2020?


Last year at the 2015 MTV Music Awards, Kanye declared, “I have decided in 2020 to run for president.” At the time, Trump had recently announced that he would be running for his party, and  just like Kanye’s candidacy announcement, people took it as a joke. Nobody thought Trump, a reality TV star, was going to make it much further, but somehow he won his party’s vote.


The face of this country has changed overnight. YEEZY 2020 suddenly seems possible. If Donald Trump survives his term without being impeached, then the Democratic Party needs to match the Republicans’ Donald Trump with Kanye West.


No longer will we look to someone who has experience with politics, but instead to someone who can voice their opinion. Instead of a presidential debate discussing issues in this world, would it just become a reality TV show on steroids? Four years is a long time from now, but honestly if it comes down to Kanye and Trump, my vote goes to Kayne.

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