Penguins Need To Find Chill


Staff Writer


Twitter has recently blown up over a penguin family being torn apart by an affair in the family. The meltdown begins when the husband comes home to find his wife cheating on him with a new penguin, and from then on, the ice breaks.


The three-minute clip begins with the narrator commenting that “life here is good here,” showing thousands of little penguins waddling on the shoreline. However, the narrator also explains that “ this penguin has come home to his wife with another penguin,” and not long after, two male penguins confront each other, battling until one of them has the advantage.


Unlike other members of the bird family, penguin wings are strictly bone, which makes a hit feel like the blow of a baseball bat. The angry male penguin decides to bludgeon the other male repeatedly, in hopes of regaining his dignity and family back. But to no avail, the female takes her new spouse and waddles back into her home. The husband still does not give up; he follows them into the house and drags the home-wrecker, attempting to peck his eyes out. At the end of this war, the battered male makes one last plea to his spouse, but she does not answer. So the male waddles away, lonely, bloody, and sad, without his family or his pride.

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