Eight Ball Craze


Staff Writer


Now that iOS 10 is out, Apple users are going crazy over iMessage games. The most popular one is Eight Ball Pool. The game is in a set, along with 11 more (and growing) games, from the downloadable iMessage app, GamePigeon.


The game has 2 settings: normal and hard. The normal setting has white lines that help line up where the ball will go to help the player shoot with success. The hard setting does not have the lines, meaning there is no definitive way of seeing where the ball will go. Thus making the game harder. Eight Ball is mostly popular among teenagers, because of the game’s addictive and competitive features.


Many feel addicted to the game due to  the enjoyment of winning, and are playing it with all of their friends. It is a fun, competitive way to continue a conversation with someone. In addition, it throws in a friendly game. It also helps avoid awkward small talk and pauses. Overall, the game has a competitive edge, with fun and easy aspects mixed in that is drawing everyone into gameplay.

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