College Football: Roll Tide vs. Tigers


Staff Writer


Saturday, November 5th, the #1 ranked and undefeated team, who are (8-0)  in division 1 NCAA football,  Alabama Crimson tide play the #15 ranked team the LSU Tigers who are (5-2) . This game is always one that everyone knows is going to be good and exciting to watch because it’s a rivalry game. These two have played 80 times and it all started back in November 18, 1895. The record between them both is 50-25-5. Alabama leads with wins over them and haven’t lost to LSU since 2012.


Coming back from a week off Alabama was just not there. In the first minutes of the game Jalen Hurts, their quarterback, threw an interception that was caught by LSU’s safety Jamal Adams. Alabama’s offense didn’t start off on a good note but their defends was a different story. Rushing D. Etling and not letting their running back Leonard Fournette go anywhere. Alabama caused their offense to kick a 49 yard field goal and LSU missed it.


The whole game was back and forth. Both teams playing amazing defense not letting anyone score. LSU caused Jalen to turnover the ball twice in the first half. Alabama went for a 50 yard field goal kick in the second quarter and just couldn’t get numbers on the board.


The whole half was 0-0 both were fighting hard for a win. In the fourth quarter finally someone got numbers on the board. Jalen Hurts was get rushed and he ran for a touchdown in the first minutes of the 4th quarter. LSU tried to comeback and score but they threw an interception. Alabama fighting to get another touchdown but end up going for a field goal.


The game ended with Alabama a win and being undefeated still winning 10-0.

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