A Strange Review of Doctor Strange


Staff Writer


The story follows Dr. Stephen Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, a famous neurosurgeon who breaks his hands in a car accident. When Western medicine does not work, he tries Eastern medicine. He then learns about magic and becomes a sorcerer. The first part is him training and learning spells. After the first half, it gets into the magic world Marvel claims they will be going into. The world is amazing and opens a lot of doors for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The movie is about doing bad things for the greater good. It will be interesting for that ideology to enter the MCU. The only bad part is the first half where Strange is learning. This is what most people critique about the film. For me, it was not bad. There was some comedy, which is expected from Marvel. The story does feel a like bit like Iron Man. Both of these characters are cocky, constantly injure themselves, and cannot do what they claim they are good at; they fix what is broken in order to become a hero.


So my question is, will Doctor Strange become the Tony Stark of  Phase Four? The Phases, as Marvel calls them, is a group of movies that are telling a small story within the MCU. I do not know what will happen for Phase Four. It will be interesting to see what Marvel will do for Phase Four. Phase Three will end with Infinity War, the third Avenger movie that brings everyone in the MCU together. As Marvel told us, anything can change.


Doctor Strange, himself, is amazing; he is Tony Stark with magic. Benedict Cumberbatch does a great job as Doctor Strange. You see the character develop throughout the whole movie. On the other hand, the villain, Kaecilius, is not quite as special as the protagonist. Marvel is know for not making good villains. In my opinion, there has only been two great villains so far in the MCU – Loki and Zemo. This villain follows the same path as all the others. Kaecilius, played by Mads Mikkelsen, is only there to advance the plot. There is little character development for him. With that being said, I did enjoy him. Marvel could have tried to do better by adding a little bit of development for Kaecilius; however, if that was to happen, it would still not be enough to make him a great adversary.


Other characters that stood out to me were The Ancient One, played by Tilda Swinton, and Mordo, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor. The Ancient One was a good character, and like Nick Fury, you do not know if you can trust her. Then there is Mordo. Mordo is a great character to go against Doctor Strange. He is a follow-it-by-the-book kind of guy. He trusts The Ancient One, and it is interesting to watch him lose that trust. Doctor Strange does not trust The Ancient One, and then he starts to understand her. Mordo trusts The Ancient One and loses that trust toward the end of the movie. It is cool how they portray this, and I am interested to see how they use Mordo in upcoming films.


The visuals were, what we all know was going to be, a great challenge. Marvel pulls it off, yet again. The visuals are amazing, and when Strange is going through dimensions, it is a stunning image. It highlights the amazing world we can expect to see Marvel travel to.


The music was composed by Michael Giacchino. He did a great job composing the music; it feels like a Marvel movie. There are no songs that stand out: They are your regular Marvel songs.


To wrap everything up, Doctor Strange is a fun, enjoyable movie. It is not the best Marvel movie, but it is also not the worst. It is slow in the beginning, but it picks up pace halfway through. The visuals are what stand out in the movie. It captures what Doctor Strange is know for. The villain is still a Marvel villain, and the characters are good in their own way. They bring a different perspective to Doctor Strange. There are two clips after credits, like every Marvel movie, so do not forget to stay and watch. Overall, Doctor Strange is an entertaining movie that is worth seeing.

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