Is Jay Ajayi Contending For Rookie of the Year?


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Is Jay Ajayi the next big thing? He turned into only the fourth running-back in NFL history to run for back-to-back 200 yard games. The Miami Dolphins second year running back has made sure his name is now known. Many fantasy owners have quickly added him to their teams and has become one of the most consistent backs in the NFL.


Ajayi has an explosive speed and deadly cutting power, and when he breaks his blocks he is almost un-catchable. He was Drafted in the fifth round and is playing like one of the highest picks in the NFL draft. He has attracted attention from other coaches and is making a big impact.


Time will tell if this is a small burst or if he is earning his title as one of the best in the runners in the league. Ajayi is fighting for offensive awards around the NFL and his hitting the record books.

Raider Take Lead in AFC West


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Sunday, November 6th, the Oakland Raiders hosted the Denver Broncos in a battle for first place in the AFC West. Oakland hoped to make their statement against the defending Super Bowl champions that they are a new force in the AFC West.


Starting the game, Denver received the ball off of the kickoff. They were unable to get in Raider territory and were forced to punt. Oakland was able to get on the scoreboard first with 24 yard field goal made by Sebastian Janikowski. The Broncos could not put together a string of plays to get them in scoring position, leaving them scoreless. With just under 5 minutes remaining in the 1st, Janikowski made another field goal. This time from 29 yards which gave Oakland a 6-0 lead.


Opening the 2nd quarter, Oakland continued their strong play. They extended their lead to 13 after a 1 yard touchdown run from Latavius Murray. 7 minutes later, Denver put themselves on the board for the 1st time with a passing touchdown by Trevor Siemian to Jordan Norwood for 36 yards. Oakland with a lead 0f 13-7 fired back with one minute remaining. Latavius Murray scored for the second time again from 1 yard out. The lead now 20-7. As time expired, Brandon McManus made a 55 yard field goal to shorten the Oakland lead to 10.


The scoring picked back up in the 4th quarter after a strong defensive effort from both squads. Denver scored first with another field goal from McManus. The 44 yard field goal brought the Broncos within a touchdown. This was until Janikowski put the Oakland lead to 23-13 with a 35 yard field goal. After a quick Denver possession, Oakland got the ball back and Murray scored for the third time. A 1 yard run put Oakland in control with a lead of 30-13. Denver scored with 5 minutes remaining, but they were not able to get any closer.


Oakland put their talent on full display Sunday night, showing that they are the top dogs in the AFC West for now. These two teams will face one another in week 17 of the NFL season in Denver.

El D Girls and Boys Water Polo Both Succeed in The First Round in Playoffs


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The Lady Miner’s water polo team (25-3) took on the Tulare Union Redskins (16-15) in the first round of division 2 playoffs last Saturday morning. The Lady Miners are seeded number one, whereas the Redskins were ranked number nine.


The Lady Miners took an early lead in the first quarter with a score of 5-0. They only allowed two goals in the first half and were leading 8-2 at halftime. In the next half, the Lady Miners only allowed two more goals as they scored seven more.


The leading scorer was Makenzie Huskey with six goals. They won the game with a score of 15-4.


The men’s water polo team (16-10) also took on the Monache Marauders (14-12). El D is ranked number four and the Marauders were ranked number five.


The Miners started off the game with a three goal lead five minutes into the first quarter. The Marauders scored two goals in the last minute of the first quarter making the score 3-2. Throughout the second quarter, the Miners managed to sustain a two goal lead over Monache. That lead extended to four goals and the Miners were up 10-6 at halftime. The Miners managed to keep their four goal lead the majority of the third quarter. The Miners were up 13-9 at the end of the third. They kept their lead the whole fourth quarter won the game with a score of 14-11.


Leading scorers were Wesley Hatcher with four goals and Matt Hatcher, Mikey Diaz, and Brad Kampen who all had three goals.

College Football: Roll Tide vs. Tigers


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Saturday, November 5th, the #1 ranked and undefeated team, who are (8-0)  in division 1 NCAA football,  Alabama Crimson tide play the #15 ranked team the LSU Tigers who are (5-2) . This game is always one that everyone knows is going to be good and exciting to watch because it’s a rivalry game. These two have played 80 times and it all started back in November 18, 1895. The record between them both is 50-25-5. Alabama leads with wins over them and haven’t lost to LSU since 2012.


Coming back from a week off Alabama was just not there. In the first minutes of the game Jalen Hurts, their quarterback, threw an interception that was caught by LSU’s safety Jamal Adams. Alabama’s offense didn’t start off on a good note but their defends was a different story. Rushing D. Etling and not letting their running back Leonard Fournette go anywhere. Alabama caused their offense to kick a 49 yard field goal and LSU missed it.


The whole game was back and forth. Both teams playing amazing defense not letting anyone score. LSU caused Jalen to turnover the ball twice in the first half. Alabama went for a 50 yard field goal kick in the second quarter and just couldn’t get numbers on the board.


The whole half was 0-0 both were fighting hard for a win. In the fourth quarter finally someone got numbers on the board. Jalen Hurts was get rushed and he ran for a touchdown in the first minutes of the 4th quarter. LSU tried to comeback and score but they threw an interception. Alabama fighting to get another touchdown but end up going for a field goal.


The game ended with Alabama a win and being undefeated still winning 10-0.

Is Commercial Hypersonic Flight Worth Funding?


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The last use of hypersonic flight was around 1967. The speed was mach 5.7, 5.7 times the speed of sound. This set a record for top flight speed that still stands today. The flight time between New York and Los Angeles takes “The same 4.5 hour flight as it did 30 years ago” (Messier). According to Livescience writer Douglass Messier, the field of aviation has remained fairly stagnant over the past 30 years or so.


Recently, however, there have been breakthroughs in the field of aerospace. The issue with this, is that NASA will need sufficient and continuous funding from the government in order to continue working on these advancements.


A possibility that can occur with the funding of this aerospace program is the beginning of hypersonic flight in commercial airplanes. In a world that is so reliant on things moving quickly, this would greatly increase the efficiency of air travel. Hypersonic flight is not used commercially, as a result of the creation of sonic booms that disturb people on the ground. The advancements in aerospace, however, are finding ways to greatly reduce the magnitude of these sonic booms, and make it more friendly to the population on the ground.


Currently, hypersonic flight is banned for the disturbances the sonic booms produce; however, there is a solution that can soon be implemented. NASA is looking to change this by giving a contract to Lockheed Martin, who has an experimental design for aircrafts to significantly reduce sonic booms


This state of being on the brink of a new technology also has the potential to call for another space race. Bedke believes that, “It is inevitable that hypersonic technologies are going to happen. It is not inevitable that we will be the first country to do it first”. This, in itself, has the potential to influence the government into putting research and funding into this technology.


The idea of advancing in the fields of science has always been a plus for me, and I strongly believe in the progress of technology. The decision on whether or not we should fund the research for hypersonic commercial flight is an easy yes that poses many obvious advantages. The main advantage is the dramatic decrease in flight times around the world. With things moving faster than ever, flight times reducing would be a great aid in business and government meetings along with general public conveniences. It would be an achievement for the United States to achieve this mode of travel and pioneer hypersonic flights. It is a way of causing progress in the field of science which, to me, is always an acceptable priority. This is enough to make it viable to fund this program and begin the acceleration in hypersonic flight research.

YEEZY 2020?


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With our country in the hands of someone like Donald Trump, who has very little political experience, what’s stopping someone like Kanye West from becoming president in 2020?


Last year at the 2015 MTV Music Awards, Kanye declared, “I have decided in 2020 to run for president.” At the time, Trump had recently announced that he would be running for his party, and  just like Kanye’s candidacy announcement, people took it as a joke. Nobody thought Trump, a reality TV star, was going to make it much further, but somehow he won his party’s vote.


The face of this country has changed overnight. YEEZY 2020 suddenly seems possible. If Donald Trump survives his term without being impeached, then the Democratic Party needs to match the Republicans’ Donald Trump with Kanye West.


No longer will we look to someone who has experience with politics, but instead to someone who can voice their opinion. Instead of a presidential debate discussing issues in this world, would it just become a reality TV show on steroids? Four years is a long time from now, but honestly if it comes down to Kanye and Trump, my vote goes to Kayne.

European Music Awards 2016


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The MTV 2016 EMAs were held on November 6, 2016. The EMAs were located at Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands and were hosted by Bebe Rexha. There were many different categories, as well as nominees. Each category had five or six nominees.The categories were Best Song, Best Video, Best Female, Best Male, Best New Act, Best Pop, Best Electronic, Best Rock, Best Alternative, Best Hip Hop, Best Live Act, Best World Stage Performance, Best Push Act, Biggest Fans, Best Look, Global Icon, Best UK Act, Best Danish Act, Best Finnish Act, Best Norwegian Act, Best Swedish Act, Best German Act, Best Dutch Act, Best Belgian Act, Best Swiss Act, Best French Act, Best Italian Act, Best Spanish Act, Best Portuguese Act, Best Polish Act, Best Russian Act, Best Romanian Act, Best Adria Act, Best Israeli Act, Best African Act, Best Indian Act, Best Japanese Act, Best Korean Act, Best Southeast Act, Best Chinese and Hong Kong Act, Best Australian Act, Best New Zealand Act, Best Brazilian Act, Best Latin America Northern Act, Best Latin America Central Act, Best Latin America Southern Act, Best US Act, and Best Canadian Act.


The nominees that won are Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Lady Gaga, Shawn Mendes, Zara Larsson, Fifth Harmony, Martin Garrix, Coldplay, Drake, Twenty One Pilots, Martin Garrix, DNCE, Lady Gaga, Green Day, Little Mix, Benjamin Lasnier, Antti Tuisku, Alan Walker, The FOOO Conspiracy, Max Giesinger, Broederliefde, Emma Bale, Chlyklass, Amir, Benji & Fede, Enrique Bunbury , David Carreira , Margaret, Therr Maitz,  Andra, S.A.R.S., The Ultras, Wizkid, Prateek Kuhad, One Ok Rock, B.A.P., Dong Nhi, G.E.M., Troye Sivan, Broods, Anitta, Paty Cantú , Maluma, Lali, and Ariana Grande. All of these nominees won an award for one of the categories in different regions as well.


The nominees that received the most awards were Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. The nominees that received the most nominations were Justin Bieber and Beyoncé. Once I saw the commercial for the EMAs, I was excited because it said that Shawn Mendes was performing, and I absolutely love his music. I really did enjoy watching the EMAs on Sunday November 6, 2016. My favorite performances were Shawn Mendes, Bruno Mars, and DNCE. In the end, the MTV  European Music Awards 2016 were very entertaining. I loved that I got the chance to see Shawn Mendes win two awards and hear him sing one of my favorite songs, ‘’Mercy,’’ from his new album Illuminate.

Penguins Need To Find Chill


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Twitter has recently blown up over a penguin family being torn apart by an affair in the family. The meltdown begins when the husband comes home to find his wife cheating on him with a new penguin, and from then on, the ice breaks.


The three-minute clip begins with the narrator commenting that “life here is good here,” showing thousands of little penguins waddling on the shoreline. However, the narrator also explains that “ this penguin has come home to his wife with another penguin,” and not long after, two male penguins confront each other, battling until one of them has the advantage.


Unlike other members of the bird family, penguin wings are strictly bone, which makes a hit feel like the blow of a baseball bat. The angry male penguin decides to bludgeon the other male repeatedly, in hopes of regaining his dignity and family back. But to no avail, the female takes her new spouse and waddles back into her home. The husband still does not give up; he follows them into the house and drags the home-wrecker, attempting to peck his eyes out. At the end of this war, the battered male makes one last plea to his spouse, but she does not answer. So the male waddles away, lonely, bloody, and sad, without his family or his pride.

Eight Ball Craze


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Now that iOS 10 is out, Apple users are going crazy over iMessage games. The most popular one is Eight Ball Pool. The game is in a set, along with 11 more (and growing) games, from the downloadable iMessage app, GamePigeon.


The game has 2 settings: normal and hard. The normal setting has white lines that help line up where the ball will go to help the player shoot with success. The hard setting does not have the lines, meaning there is no definitive way of seeing where the ball will go. Thus making the game harder. Eight Ball is mostly popular among teenagers, because of the game’s addictive and competitive features.


Many feel addicted to the game due to  the enjoyment of winning, and are playing it with all of their friends. It is a fun, competitive way to continue a conversation with someone. In addition, it throws in a friendly game. It also helps avoid awkward small talk and pauses. Overall, the game has a competitive edge, with fun and easy aspects mixed in that is drawing everyone into gameplay.

2016 Country Music Awards


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On November 2, the 2016 Country Music Awards were held at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. There were nineteen performances all the way from Chris Stapleton and Dwight Yoakam, to Beyoncé and The Dixie Chicks. During the night, there was a tear-jerking tribute for the country singer, Dolly Parton.


Fourteen awards were given in this years’ awards show: Garth Brooks for Entertainer of the Year, Chris Stapleton for Male Vocalist of the Year, the song “Die A Happy Man” for Single of the Year, Carrie Underwood for Female Vocalist of the Year, Maren Morris for New Artist of the Year, the song “Different for Girls” by Dierks Bentley and Elle King for Musical Event of the Year, the album Mr. Misunderstood by Eric Church for The Album of the Year, the music video to the song “Fire Away” by Chris Stapleton for Music Video of the Year, “Humble and Kind” by Lori McKenna for Song of the Year, Brothers Osborne for Vocal Duo of the Year, Little Big Town for Vocal Group of the Year, Dann Huff for Musician of the Year, Kenny Chesney for the Pinnacle Award, and last but not least: Dolly Parton for the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award.


The awards alone were outstanding. However, the performances were just as astonishing to watch. This year was the 2016 CMA’s 50th edition, and all artists and performers went out with a bang this year! Congratulations to all winners and tune in to watch next year.