Sleeping With Sirens Tour


Staff Writer


Sleeping With Sirens, a pop punk band, has recently began a tour that is only happening in America. The tour began in November and will end in December. They have already played at a few locations and the nearest one is down in Los Angeles at The Wiltern on November 27th, which is the venue my friend and I will be attending.


These concerts are normally hectic and are not anything like the seated concerts. Since these tickets are general admission, there will be no seats, meaning you will have to get there early to stand in the front. There is also plenty of crowd surfing, mosh pits, and jumping. While some of this stuff can be dangerous, it is still a lot of fun and a great experience.


Sleeping With Sirens has done a lot for their fans and are granting VIP tickets for some. They have also been very influential to their listeners, by telling them they are worth it and that they mean the world to them. Their concerts are always positive and are extremely entertaining to attend. I definitely recommend going to this band’s upcoming appearances while they are on tour.

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