Search For CA Mom Continues


Staff Writer


All that remains along a northern California jogging path is an iPhone, a pair of earbuds, and a few strands from what is believed to be the hair of 34 year old, Sherri Papini, a mother of two.


Sherri Palpini was described as an incredible human being and the best mom anyone has ever seen. Nearly a week ago on Wednesday, Sherri was last seen in the mid-to late-morning or early afternoon wearing a pink jogging top. Her husband Keith arrived home later that day and said it was unusually quiet.


“On normal days, I would open the door and my family comes, runs, and gives me a hug,” Keith told CNN affiliate KRCR-TV.


However, he soon realized his wife was not home. That included the couple’s two children, ages two and four.He said he then proceeded to call the children’s daycare and discovered they had not been picked up. It was not long before Keith Papini used an app to track his wife’s smart phone, learning it was down the street from their home, off Old Oregon Trail.


“That’s when I knew she had been taken or abducted, in my opinion,” Keith told the station.


Keith Papini then reported his wife missing. So far, authorities have received over a hundred tips, but they have no information or evidence to persuade nor dissuade that Sherri Palpini was abducted.


“If she is listening, I want to say, ‘We are trying. We are trying the best we can and I am sorry I’m not there,’” a weeping Keith Palpini told KRCR.


As for the children of the couple, Keith says they still do not know their mother has gone missing. The search will continue nonetheless. Everyone has hope Sherri Palpini will be found, alive and well.

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