School Bullying


Staff Writer


Bullying is a huge problem in our society today. Hillary Clinton took note of this situation and decided to try and take charge by launching a campaign called “Better than Bullying”. A lot of kids suffer the kicks from bullies and most of them start harmful habits that can sometimes lead to their deaths. With all of the racist and stereotypical comments Trump has been making towards Mexicans and Arabian people, adolescents now believe it is okay to state harmful sayings towards those races.


There are studies to show how often bullying occurs, “ In 2013, 1 in 5 teenagers reported being bullied at school” (Kamenetz “Four Myths About School Bullying”). Bullying doesn’t just involve verbal abuse, but also physical abuse. Many students have suffered serious injuries due to these circumstances. Back to Trump, teachers have started a study to see the aftermath of Trump’s speeches, “In the survey, titled “The Trump Effect”, teachers reported incidents of ethnically and racially motivated bullying by students connected with Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric” (Kamenetz “Four Myths About School Bullying”). Teachers have noticed the increase of racial comments towards others.


Cyberbullying also still occurs today and most students state they receive harmful messages, “In that same 2013 report, 7 percent of students said they had been targeted online with unwanted messages or invasions of privacy” (Kamenetz “Four Myths About School Bullying”). Clinton has created a goal to make the internet a “safer place”, but will that work? We can’t control what people say or do. It all depends on themselves and their morals.

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