Pierce The Veil : Misadventures Tour


Staff Writer


On October 15th, I attended Pierce The Veil’s Misadventures tour featuring the bands, I Prevail and Neck Deep in Fresno. This show was sold out almost as soon as the tour dates were released and people did not hesitate to purchase VIP tickets as well. On the morning of the concert, there was already a line forming at the front of the Rainbow Ballroom Theater, which was the concert venue.


The cool thing about these sorts of concerts, is how loyal the fans are and how passionate everyone is about the music. No matter how different everyone is, on that day of the concert, everyone was there for the music and to have a good time. I was able to make more friends in the seven hour wait in line, and I got the privilege of seeing old friends of mine.


After the two opening bands finished their performances, Pierce The Veil ended the night with playing old songs from their previous records, and songs from their newest record titled Misadventures. They even performed a song from the previous record, Collide With The Sky, that touched the hearts of many fans called Hold On Till May. The band’s performance of the song had the crowd in tears over the meaningful lyrics that helped some fans through some tough times.


As soon as Pierce The Veil finished performing their last song of the night, the guitarist, Tony Perry, was throwing out his guitar pics. I was lucky enough to catch one. After buying some tour shirts and saying goodbye to the friends that I made in line, I waited outside of Pierce The Veil’s tour bus to see if one of the band members would come out and sure enough, Mike Fuentes, the drummer for Pierce The Veil, came outside to meet some fans, myself included. That night I made a promise with Mike to keep my head up. I will never forget the meaningful words he told me: ¨Always stay positive.¨

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