Man Fatally Shot by Police Officer


Staff Writer


Fifty-year-old Walter Scott was fatally shot by police officer, Michael Slage,r on April 4, 2015, but the case is still going on today.


Scott was pulled over because of a broken taillight. Pierre Fulton, Scott’s close friend and passenger, testified that Scott obeyed Slager. However, when Slager went to check the driver license, Scott bolted. According to the Daily Sun, the events were caught by a bystander on their phone. Legal advisor Scarlett Wilson said that Slager fired eight times after he failed to subdue him with a stun gun. Michael Slager faces thirty years to life if convicted and faces federal charges for violation of Scott’s rights.


The recording of the incident did not cover the entire event, but it did capture Scott being stricken down from afar. This video was played to the jury in court. North Charleston Police Sergeant, Scott Hille, was asked if there was anything unprofessional in Slager’s actions shown in the video and Hille responded that there was not.   


The reason he fled is unknown, but his family did mention that he most likely fled because he feared going back to jail for missing child support payments; however, this reason was shut down by prosecution due to speculation.

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