Is Tony Romo Going to Take Over Again?


Staff Writers


So Tony Romo started back up this week, throwing the football for the first time since his injury. The question still remains, who will be Dallas’ starting quarterback when Romo is healthy? Jerry Jones, the Cowboys owner, said Romo will be his go to despite his rookie’s incredible start. Dak Prescott has started his rookie career off with unbelievable numbers, often being compared to Brady’s rookie year.


Prescott has clearly proven himself to be the number one option, but it has not been enough to convince Jerry Jones. Yes, Jones has a large amount of money in Romo, but is the “getting your money’s worth” way worth all the losing Romo brings? The Cowboys have been one of the NFL’s laughing stocks for a long time now, and with Prescott in, that label is slowly going away. They are one of the best teams this year and have a great record.


Prescott has led the Cowboys to playoff hopes and there is even talks of going all the way to the Super Bowl. So, unless Jerry Jones and the head coach, Jason Garrett, have the intentions to ruin that for his fans, he needs to leave Prescott in at starting quarterback.

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