Dia de los Muertos


Staff Writer


This week in the Spanish classes we did an honoring of the dead. Each Spanish class had to create an altar. Each altar was dedicated to someone who died that impacted the Hispanic culture. All the Spanish teachers have their students go in a circle and rate each altar while they spend three to five minutes looking at the altar. The teachers explain who the person is and what they did to impact the culture.


After learning about Selena, El Chavo del Ocho, Chapulin, and many other Hispanic people, we had to rate the altars and what needed. Some had water, salt, some of the person’s favorite food, and candles with a photo.  Not only did we make altars, but we also made a teacher of our choice a skelton. We had to decorate the skeleton and explain to the teacher why we chose them and what the skeleton represented.


Overall, in Spanish we got to learn a lot about what the Day of the Dead really is about. We got to taste the Bread of the Dead and learn about famous Hispanics that impacted the world.

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