Covergirl Wearing a Hijab?


Staff Writer


Twenty four-year-old Nura Afia, a famous youtuber, is now the new face for Covergirl. The most monumental thing about this is that she is wearing a hijab. Once the covergirl commercial airs it will mark the first time a Muslim woman wearing a hijab has been featured for a brand in an ad.


Afia states, “It gives little girls who grew up like me something to look up to… it feels so surreal”. When she was younger she was the only girl in her school to wear one, she felt out of place, insecure, and could not relate to any of the other students. This campaign now shows little girls they should be proud to wear a hijab. It also shows that they are simply average American girls who put makeup on.


CoverGirl reached out to Afia in early October about potentially being in a commercial for them. She says she was very shocked because not many things like this happen, at least not in the U.S. She also hesitated to contact them back. Afia and many others are making history in the makeup industry promoting diversity.

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