Males Changing the Way the World Views Makeup


Staff Writer


Makeup is often seen as a form of art or self-expression. Expression is relative in the make-up industry: It allows people to get creative with no boundaries. 

The makeup industry is an ever-growing and accepting place. Males are even starting to make an impact. For instance, MannyMua, a male makeup artist, was recognized by People magazine for his boldness in expressing himself as an artist. The way society is conditioned to feel about makeup is evolving.


Females are often seen as the only ones who are able to wear makeup. The world has set a global standard for which genders should and should not wear it. Males are frowned upon for wearing makeup, as it goes against the social norm. Now has the world began to change its perspective?


2016 especially has marked recognition for males in the beauty industry.


Jeffree Star, despite the controversy surrounding him, has allowed for a creative possibility in the industry by putting out bold shades and dramatic makeup looks. Jeffree recently released a black highlighter, onyx ice. It riled up controversy among news outlets due to its “obscurity”. Jeffree Star has commented on the matter in a tweet, stating, “It’s just makeup”.


Which leaves one with the thought – is it just makeup? Why should it matter who wears it? Society has conditioned us to believe that males wearing makeup is wrong.


Makeup should allow for creation and art, rather than judgment. While males wearing makeup may seem out of the norm, hopefully in future years it will become less of a social obscurity.

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