Amanda Knox


Staff Writer


Many people make mistakes. Many of us look back and reflect on them. Amanda Knox knows what it feels like to have to reflect on her mistakes. A documentary was recently released explaining her emotions and actions of her mistake. Knox even wrote a book about what she had to go through and how she handled it.


Amanda Knox, young and looking for adventure, full of life and wanting to explore a new part of the world. If only she knew the risks that awaited her in another country. Knox decided to venture to Europe to study abroad in Italy. As she studied abroad, she encountered many different obstacles, but she overcame them quickly.  Knox had many obstacles, but she came to fall in love with the country.


She attended several activities the famous city of Perugia put on, and at one of them, she met the man she falls in love with, Raffaelle Sollecito. In her documentary, Knox described the following days with him as “fantastic” and “[She] felt fortunate to have met him.” She felt as if she had met the love of her life.


One day, Knox spent most of the day with Sollecito and decided to stay with him overnight. According to her, she spent the entire night with him, returning to her place in the morning to shower and get new clothes.  While she showered, she had seen a couple of blood spots but did not pay too much attention to them.  Knox thought one of her roommates might have accidentally cut themselves. After finishing her shower, Knox  realized her roommate was quiet. Knox  banged on her roommate’s door at about noon, and when her roommate did not answer, she called Sollecito. When he arrived, they took down the door and found her roommate, Meredith Kercher, lying on the floor and wrapped in a blanket.


Knox  remembered calling the police as soon as they saw Meredith. The police soon arrived , as well as news reporters. The investigators went inside the house and saw that whoever killed Meredith got through the front door easily, but exited through the window. While the police were examining the crime scene, an investigator recalled that Knox and Sollecito seemed joyous. He was puzzled by it, but ultimately let  it go for the time being. The police and news reporters soon left and examined what they found. They came to the conclusion that Knox and Sollecito murdered Kercher, even though they could not perfectly piece the puzzle together.


Knox and Sollecito were put on trial in Italy many times, and they finally appealed to be free. Knox voiced that “There are many who believe in [her] innocence as much [she does]” in her documentary. Knox claimed that she was innocent and had done nothing to Kercher. She had realized that many of her mistakes, prior to Kercher’s death, made it appear as though she was the killer. She learned from her mistakes, and the long trial she went through taught her that someone who is truly innocent will be proven innocent.

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