The Notorious PSL


Staff Writer


If one hasn’t tried the pumpkin spice latte, are they living?


The pumpkin spice latte, better known as the PSL, is a fall-favorite drink. Started by Starbucks, this drink is now carried at almost all coffee establishments and even McDonalds. Not only is the drink sweeping white girls by storm, now everyone loves it.


The PSL is arguably the fall-favorite for all coffee fanatics, and with Starbucks’ several substitutional ingredients, almost anyone can order this drink to suit their diet. While a grande-sized PSL contains about 380 calories, ordering down a size and substituting 2 percent milk with non-fat milk can decrease the calories down to a mere 130.


Not only can it be suited to everyone’s diet, it is also limited edition. The PSL is only available for fall, the pumpkin season, and goes away around the start of December. Every year, the drink comes back a little earlier than before, causing all PSL enthusiasts and pumpkin lovers everywhere to head to the nearest Starbucks. Anyone who likes pumpkin and coffee would love the drink. After all, it isn’t very hard to love.

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