The Girl on the Train


Staff Writer

Unpredictable, captivating, and with an unexpected plot twist, The Girl on the Train is one of the best movies of 2016. Directed by Tate Taylor, with the cast of  Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett, Rebecca Ferguson, Justin Theroux, and Luke Evans, the movie brings suspense, drama, and a hint of romance.

Today’s society shows all the bad girls in media, but here you see the opposite. Emily Blunt’s acting brings forth the audience’s sympathy and captivates them from beginning to end, as they try to guess what happens next.

The viewer can get lost if they do not pay attention in the beginning. It is not in chronological order, but this organization is effective. The structure ties up loose ends and makes the plot twist unpredictable. It brings the audience a sense of completion because of the small flashbacks.

Rachel (played by Emily Blunt) drops hints every now and then, but many do not notice it until the very end when everything else comes into the light. Even then it is almost impossible to predict what is going to occur next. The effect of the events, shown in Emily Blunt’s acting, makes the audience wonder what they would do in a situation similar to this.

The movie shows the life of the “saddest people”: drunks, sex addicts, and of the abusive. The movie demonstrates vulnerability and judgment. The movie contains many of the things society forgets to mention.

In my opinion, The Girl on the Train receives an 8/10 review.

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