Markiplier Hits 15 Million Subscribers


Staff Writer


markimooOver the years, Markiplier has gained a substantial amount of subscribers. Just recently, he has reached 15 million subscribers, a huge milestone for any YouTuber. The last time he reached a milestone as huge as this, was when he hit eight million subscribers. For this special occasion, his fans put together a video explaining how much they love and appreciate him.

In the past, they have made two videos for Mark’s accomplishments. Both videos talked about how Mark has helped them through hard times. Mark has reacted to these videos, and after a very emotional viewing of them, he thanked all of his fans for their help in making them.

There were no videos for the 15 million subscribers this time, but Mark made a video about achieving this huge milestone. In the same video, he ended up accidentally breaking his diamond play button- something YouTube gives a person when he or she reaches ten million subscribers.

The fans are grateful for Mark paying attention to the things they made for him, these videos or fanart for example. Even though Mark cannot see why he deserves these subscribers, his viewers can. Thanks to his uplifting content, his viewers are able to spread positivity around their community, as he encourages his viewers to try to be happier.

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