Death in Kansas


Staff Writer


In Hesston, Kansas, three victims were found dead outside a home in rural central Kansas. The three people were reported to have been shot and murdered, although the murderer is still unknown. However, there is no evidence that the victims died during any struggle, and the neighbors did not hear any loud gunshots or any suspicious disturbances.


It was discovered that a couple, a thirty-seven year old woman and a thirty-three year old man, were murdered alongside a fifty-two year old man whom they seem to be friends with. An eighteen month old baby was discovered in the residence where the shootings took place and  the child is currently in custody of the lead officers.


Although there were no exact witnesses, a woman, who was a bypasser in a motorcycle, said there seemed to be a maroon vehicle that waved her down before she reported the killings. The maroon vehicle was found by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation; it was found in an undisclosed area. The driver of the maroon vehicle seemed to have some sort of relationship with the couple, but no arrest has been officially made and no actual evidence has been found yet relating to their deaths.

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