Cancer Survivor Commits Suicide


Staff Writer


An innocent eleven-year-old girl was being bullied because of the way she looked after a procedure to remove a tumor that was an effect of her brain cancer. Her name was Bethany Thompson, and she killed herself on October 19, 2016. Her parents believe that it was due to the way fellow peers treated her, and how she looked.


Bethany rode the bus home earlier that day with a few friends, and not a single one of them had any idea that she was planning to kill herself later that day. When Bethany arrived home, she went and found a loaded handgun on an upper shelf. She sat and thought for a while, and then proceed with her plan, and, walking to the back porch, she shot herself. She had no idea how this would affect her family. One of Bethany’s best friends confirmed the parents thoughts; she commented that the students bullied her relentlessly that week.


Bethany created an anti-bullying poster, but an administrator prevented her from displaying them because they were not sending a positive message. Bethany’s suicide is not the first for Triad Middle School in Saint Jacob, Illinois. Four years ago a twelve-year-old boy committed suicide. Triad Local Superintendent, Chris Piper, acknowledged the behavior of the students towards Bethany last year; however, he declined to provide details saying that he thought the matter was resolved.

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