Where The Wild Kids Are


Staff Writer


Every morning, kids are running to school or to their bus stops trying to not be late. But what about the kids who do not attend school: Is there a morning rush for them? Today in New Zealand a family of six explores their rural property, finding new adventures on a daily basis. For them, this is their school, and it does not include a bell schedule.


Niki Boon and her husband Rob moved to New Zealand five years ago when an idea crossed their minds on what they should do about their children’s education. When the children were home schooled, they were not learning from just sitting around a table. They decided to let their children’s minds involve learning while letting them explore the Boons ten acre property.


Former physiotherapist, Niki Boon, decided to take on the challenge of photographing her children and what they are learning everyday. When the day is ending and the adventures die down, the Boon children do not watch television, play on their smartphones, or search the web on their laptops. The Boon family does not use any technology at all.They find everything they need in nature or in a book. Today, kids around the world are receiving technology at a very young age. Is it corrupting them? Or preparing them for the future? We might never know, but we do know that the Boon children have a way with learning “naturally”.

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