Italy Shakes Again in Another Powerful Earthquake


Staff Writer


A 6.6 magnitude earthquake shook the core of Central Italy in the early morning on October 29, 2016. It leveled villages and parted roads. This is the third earthquake to hit Italy in the past three months.


The first earthquake in August killed nearly three hundred people, and had a rating of 6.2. Luckily, no deaths have been reported for this quake, but at least twenty people have been injured. Most fled the area once some aftershocks hit the area a week before. Many of whom have not returned.


The most devastating loss from the quake was the leveling of the Basilica of San Benedetto.  Central Italy is extremely Catholic, so it hurts the villagers to see their church in ruins.


Another loss from the earthquake are the main roads leading into the town. They are either blocked, or severely cracked. The rescuers are having to resort to helicopters to try and search for anyone trapped under the debris. The rescuers are working under harsh conditions to try and save as many people as they can.


Tremors continue to hit Italy after these quakes causing more destruction and making it very difficult to start rebuilding and rescue people. More than 15,000 people have been either displaced or in shelters because of these ongoing earthquakes. Some people are even sleeping in their cars and refusing to leave during the earthquakes.


Schools and metro stations are currently shut down and are being evaluated for structural damage. This earthquake is the strongest quake in thirty-six years and from the looks of it, these tremors are going to continue to happen getting stronger and stronger each time.

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