Was Paul Pogba Worth All the Money?


Staff Writers

Paul Pogba, arguably the best upcoming star in the soccer world, was bought for a record breaking one-hundred sixteen million dollars by Manchester United. He had played at Juventus before being signed  by United. Pogba was in top form, attracting attention from all of the World Class clubs. Pogba, plays midfield, is a fantastic dribbler, and one of the best distance shooters in the world. Yet, after all that money spent on him, he has not been living up to his hype.


Pogba has played in eight games, but has only scored one goal on twenty-five shots. Granted, he plays midfield, but a lot more was expected from him. He and his manager, Jose Mourinho, are planning on incorporating him in more of an attacking position. With all of the money and hype surrounding him, fans are disappointed in what they have seen so far, and are even regretting the transfer. It was a big change for him to transfer from the Italian League to the English League, as he has to get used to a new environment, new teammates, and new players. It will take some time to adjust to all of that and for him to also figure out where he belongs out on the pitch.


Fans should not be worried about his talent and whether he was money wasted. The twenty-three year old has a bright future and a lot of potential still to be discovered. Only time will tell, but he has potential to be one of the best players to ever play the game. He is already one of the most talented all-around players and is only going to get better. He is such a prolific goal scorer from outside the box, he dribbles with such class, he is so pacey on the ball, and a great defender. He could almost play anywhere on the pitch.

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