SCICON Counselor Experience


Staff Writer


On Friday, October 14, 2016, I was selected to be a counselor for SCICON. I left for SCICON October 17, and returned on October 21. On Monday morning, my parents drove me to Houston Elementary School at 7:30 am, and I did not leave from the school until 9:15 am. I got to SCICON at 10:45am and had to help unload the luggage from the bus. After we unloaded the bus, all the counselors had to check in and sign up, make a name tag, play a name game, and turn in our phones until Friday. Next, we had to take a tour of the school and then get trained and listen to a presentation. Then it was lunch time and we got to know what cabin we were going to be in and the twelve kids’ names as well. When my friends and I got the cabin papers with student’s names on it, they were happy and I was surprised because while they got a girl’s cabin, I got a boy’s cabin! I did not really get to talk to my  friends for the rest of the week after Monday because they were in the girl’s village and I was in the boy’s village.  


However, while I was at SCICON, I got to see my aunt who I had not seen in a long time and enjoyed her hard work for our meals up there. My schedule for the week was; games on Monday; homework time on Tuesday morning, and a trail in the afternoon on Tuesday; a morning trail and an afternoon trail ride on Wednesday; and on Thursday was the elective trail and I did Sky Trail. We had a fancy dinner afterwards  and also performed our cabin cheer.


I got to meet new friends from other schools and my school as well and the boy counselors were very helpful and nice to me . I really enjoyed getting the chance to get selected to go to SCICON last week and receive a new experience, not just for me, but also for the students. My favorite trails I went on were the Astronomy , Museum , Aquatics, Tree Nursery, and Sky Trail. My favorite activities were the songs we learned and sang , the games, the campfire, and line dancing. However, I was not very happy to get a cabin full of twelve boys, but I learned to get along with and attached to them by the end of the week. I got two boys that were homesick and I helped them get over it and gave them great advice. The first day the boys did not listen to me, but as the week went along they respected and obeyed me and we became friends. My boys wanted me to sign their autograph books and they were crying while saying goodbye. They also gave me hugs.


Finally, the end of my experience came and I left SCICON. In conclusion, I had a great experience as a counselor at SCICON and got back to Houston Elementary School at 1:30pm. I was happy to see my family on Friday and they showed me how much they missed me all weekend. In the end, I hope I get the chance to go again next semester!

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